DeFi Shark Plan - 3 Months Term

Plan Deposits 500,000
Your Deposit is 0%
PEPSX Tokens Yield 25 Tokens
Daily 0.2777778 PEPSX
PEPS Pool Rewards 12,050 Coins
Daily 133.888889 PEPS
Pool Lock Period 3 Months
90 Days Lock Period

Shark Plan Detail

Plan Requirement 500,000 PEPS
Total PepsX Yields 25 PepsX
Total PEPS Rewards 12,050 PEPS
Introduction to Shark DeFi Pool Plan
Do you want to Yield your own PepsX DeFi Tokens? This is your chance.
You can harvest PEPS coins and yield a nice amount of precious PepsX Tokens along with higher rewards of PEPS Coins.
Gifts With This Plan
PEPS T-shirt, Funds Insurance


DeFi Shark Plans

  • Requires 500,000 PEPS
Term PepsX Yields PEPS Rewards Actions
12 Months 250 PEPSX 50,000 PEPS
6 Months 62.2 PEPSX 25,000 PEPS
3 Months 25 PEPSX 12,050 PEPS